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FullCountBaseball Temporary Suspension, Resuming Monday 26th July

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FullCountBaseball Temporary Suspension, Resuming Monday 26th July

Post  hbomb on July 20th 2010, 10:11 pm

Attention FullCountBaseball GM's.

Our server migration project is so far ahead of schedule, we've decided to make the server switch immediately, mid-season to cut costs, and get it over with.

Play will be suspended immediately, resuming on the 26th of July.

Just a reminder, as posted in the forums: to ensure the long-term viability of the league, I am taking it over as commish, and hosting FCB on a different server.

Why today - midseason, are you crazy?.... There are a few reasons for this

1) Servers and domains are costly to maintain - by making the switch now, we can save JT approx $70+ -- his contract with his provider is coming up very soon
2) I have spare server capacity that is idle
3) We'd be crazy - like a truck load of dead-babies-on-mothers-day, crazy, to pass up the opportunity now, given that everything is ready, and costs can be avoided

What to expect
1) The Forums will not be impacted by this change as it's hosted on a free server -

* expect updates on the forum, and in email

2) Play will resume on Monday the 26th of July
-- this isn't the 1994 baseball strike, the game will go on

* you will receive instructions on Sunday the 25th to help you restart play

3) You will either have to reinstall a few small files in your FBC.lg folder, or a new league file (worst case scenario)
4) The website will be down for several days during this change. Fixing graphics, content on the first page is low priority. Our top priority is on resuming play.

Your commishes/dictators at large
JT & Harold

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